Fuji Yusoki Kogyo Co. Ltd. manufacturers Robotic Palletizing Systems.

Our company has installed over 16,000 Robotic systems to date, making us the top Robotic Palletizer Manufacturer in the World.

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  • Founded | Established: April 3,1944

  • Headquarters: Sanyo-Onoda, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan

  • Employees: 235 (as of March 2016)

  • Sales volume: $90.8 Million (FY 2016)


  • 1982Articulated cylindrical robot "Fuji Ace"

  • 1985Rectangular "Fuji Cross" robot Headquarters moved to Onoda City

  • 1986Low floor type palletizing system, Fuji Hi-Mate & multifunctional travelling robot

  • 1990Cardboard Sheet Palletizer, New Fuji Group Company, Fuji Enterprise Co., Ltd

  • 1991Established Fuji Office in Amsterdam, Netherlands / New Tokyo Office building

  • 1992Elevator division moved / High-capacity material handling robot Super Ace

  • 1994Super Lifcon / Low-capacity Fuji Ace model, JA 50 / High-capacity robot, SA-90

  • 19952-axis robot Tsuyoshi kun

  • 1996Space saving material handling robot WA60/High-capacity Fuji Ace model AC-160

  • 1997High-capacity and energy-saving perpendicular conveyor, High-Tec Lifcon

  • 1998Fuji Ace Series Model changed / 2-axis robot (Column Ace) developed

  • 20017,000 Fuji-Ace Robots were installed and operating in various industries worldwide

  • 2002Seattle Office opened

  • 2003Shanghai office was opened / Established New Fuji Group Company, Challenge Ltd.

  • 2004Hongkong Office was opened

  • 2006WJ Morray Engineering Ltd Joined Fuji Group

  • 2007Qingdao Office was opened

  • 2008Fuji European office moved from Holland to Dusseldorf in Germany.

  • 2009Mumbai Office was opened / New factory for robot production line was built out.

  • 2011UL1740 Certification.

  • 2017Over 16,000 Fuji Robotic Palletizers installed worldwide